Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ladies' Night

FROM: Monica – Just So! Associate Designer

Last Friday I had the opportunity to show what Just So! creates in a nice friendly, "Have a nice chat, appetizers, and a glass of wine." atmosphere at InSights Group, a new Business Networking Group and Social Club with innovative venues to meet new customers.

With a full display of Connectables earrings and several styles of Connectables necklaces, I had lots to show and talk about. Formal, layered Swraovski™ Crystal necklaces were as popular as the multi-color sets. One of these was 5 strands of different gemstones - Turquoise, Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine, and White Quartz and enhanced with a large Sterling leaf pendant. Chalcedony was used to make the colorful strands with the larger beads, this is one of my own necklaces.

Instead of just setting up a bunch of booths for the visitors to visit, the set up was more focused on creating conversations & relationships than immediate sales. Of course I enjoyed myself most when the ladies would try some of our different necklaces. "Mom" is wearing 5 strands of Hematite Connectables twisted into a single strand.

One young lady was so sold on our designs that she started showing them to others (especially her Mom). She later picked up a hat from the neighboring table and was dubbed "The Red Hat Girl."

Since the hat still had the sales ticket on it, people stopped her and asked her about it and she would tell them all about my neighbors and Just So! Her Mom, a gutter cover representative, appreciated her efforts too. She went home with the hat!

This was a pretty classy set-up. One of the exhibitors has a Tux Shop and he invited all of the male exhibitors to borrow a tux for the evening. I look forward to their next Ladies’ Night.

Monica – Just So! Associate Designer
Member of InSights Group - www.InSights-Group.com